“I have endorsed the Farmers’ Manifesto for Freedom 2019, I hope you will too.”

This is a citizens’ initiative, and every citizen is invited to read and endorse this Farmers’ manifesto. This is an attempt to stimulate a wider discussion on a critical issue of agrarian distress. At stake is not just the future of our farmers but the freedom and prosperity of India

Lend your voice to the cause of Freedom. So that our farmers may sow the seeds of peace and prosperity. And India will harvest the fruits of Freedom.

To endorse this Farmers’ Manifesto, please register to add your name to this list of citizens, along with a brief description of yourself and your location. Register to Endorse.


There is a new annotation feature which will allow everyone who has endorsed the manifesto to comment on the text of the Farmers’ Manifesto, and make suggestions. A rich and productive discussion will greatly contribute to updating the Manifesto in about 6 months time.

The Farmers’ Manifesto for Freedom is a non-partisan document. Citizens are invited to review this document, and welcome to endorse it, if they deem appropriate. 

This initiative is unaffiliated to any political party. Elected representatives of the people, as well as candidates contesting in any election, are most welcome to review the Farmers’ Manifesto, and consider endorsing it. They may do so as concerned citizens, sharing a common desire to transform rural Bharat, so that India may achieve its true potential. 

Nearly 200 citizens have endorsed the Farmers’ Manifesto for Freedom, as on May 14, 2019. They come from over 12 states and some of the major cities too.

States, Districts & Cities:

Indians Abroad:New York, USA


  • Gurmeet Johal, Punjab
  • Bhupinder Singh Mann, farmer and former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), Batala, Punjab


To see the names of people from Maharashtra who have endorsed the Farmers’ Manifesto, please click here.

स्वातंत्र्यासाठी या जाहीरनाम्यास समर्थन देणार्या लोकांची नावे वाचण्यासाठी कृपया येथे क्लिक करा

Andhra Pradesh

  • Chakravarthy Nalamotu, a farmer from Nalgonda, AP


  • Shashi Sah, In agrochemicals field for last 30 years. Basically from Farmers’ family. Patna.


  • Prof Yoginder Alagh, “I am all for water markets. The only exception is that I would like a small amount of water to be a human right as water security.” Economist, former Vice-Chancellor at JNU, former Union Minister, Ahmedabad.
  • Renu Pokharna, writer, Ahmedabad


  • Dr Jitender Kumar Bhatia, Assistant Director, Directorate of Human Resource Management, CCS HAU Hisar
  • Ram Meher Malik, Army Veteran pained for the miserable Condition of Farmers / Labourers / Poor launched a Political Party, “Fauji Janta Party”, as it’s National President. Sonepat, Haryana
  • Praveen Mathana (प्रवीण मथाना), हरियाण प्रदेश महासचिव, भारतीय किसान यूनियन (भाकियु)
  • Thakur Guni Prakash (ठाकुर गुनि प्रकाश), हरियाणा प्रदेश अध्यक्ष, भारतीय किसान यूनियन (भाकियु)। कुरुक्षेत्र
  • Rajendra Paroda, Formerly a scientist and research administrator, now busy linking agricultural science to society and working for policy advocacy and public awareness. Gurugram
  • Vivek Sengupta, public affairs analyst, Gurgaon


    • Mittur Jagadish, I hail from famers’ family background and continue to do what we can in our village. Mittur. Karnataka
    • Akshay Alladi, India head of the Portfolio Support Group for the Global Private Equity fund- Advent International. Earlier with McKinsey& Company, Flipkart and Ola. Serves as a Board Advisor to the Takshashila Institution, and written for the Pragati magazine. Bangalore
    • Narayan Chabbi, Retired HR Head with Agro co,s like Adventist and Bayer. Bangalore
    • Kameswara Rao Chavali, Independent agricultural biotechnology promoter and consultant, Bangalore
    • K. Jaisim, architect, Jaisim-Fountainhead
    • Narayana Swamy Kestur, we support farmers. Bangalore.
    • Sheila Kumar, an independent writer, manuscript editor and author of four books, the latest being ‘Our Start-up Affair’ (Speaking Tiger, 2019)
    • Vijay Menon, I am an agri Entomologist by profession. Fully support the cause of our farmers who are in distress.
    • Guru Murthy, Agriculture scientist in a corporate.. working closely with farmers. Bangalore, Karnataka
    • Bhanu Prakash, businessman and son of a farmer, Bangalore
    • Vinnakota S R Krishna Prasad, I am a farmer and retired Agricultural Scientist In ICAR system. I worked more than three decades in vegetable breeding and Research Management. Bangalore.
    • Manasa Pidatala, currently at CCS Academy
    • Ramoo Ramamohan, Agro Tech Professional. Bangalore
    • Dr M. Govinda Rao, economist, Bengaluru
    • Mallikarjun Revanappa, I am a seed production organiser.I am the managing partner in our firm called Atlas Seeds & Services. I have more than 30 years of seed production experience. Bangalore.
    • Karthik Shashidhar, management consultant
    • Rajesh Ramdas Wankhade, agriculture scientist


  • Narayanan Sathees Babu, Post my retirement from Service, now I am a Social Worker currently based in Kerala. Farmers’ cause is dear to my heart. Kollam
  • Sooraj Das, Neurobiology researcher from IISER (Pune), Vadakara
  • Prof Babu Joseph. I am President Liberal Group Kerala affiliated to Indian Liberal Group founded by Minoo Masani. We received Templeton freedom award hon.mention 2006. Kottayam.
  • Joseph Viruthiyel, A marginal farmer from Kannur, in the tiny State of Kerala

Madhya Pradesh

  • Dr Krishna Gandhi, educationist and advocate of reforms in agriculture


  • Ninglun Hanghal,  freelance journalist


  • Sanjay Garg, Freedom is the birth right of every individual. Liberty is the soul of happy and prosperous life. Candidate in the Jaipur Lok Sabha Constituency, 2019.
  • Praveen Singh, Ranoli, Sikar, Rajasthan

Tamil Nadu

  • Rajendran Srinivasa Reddy, A post graduate in agriculture. Serving in the agro input industry for 35 years. Coimbatore, TN
  • Kadankote Unni, Agri Input Industry leader for 55 years and took leading role in controlling crop pests. Actively participated in the Green Revolution. Unni. TN


  • Raga Nikhil Reddy, student, Mahabubnagar dist.
  • Madhusudhana Rao Atreyapurapu, Hyderabad. Telangana
  • Ajay Gandhi, trustee, Manthan Foundation,
  • Harish Gandhi, senior agriculture scientist work experience of more than 14 years
  • Ram Kaundinya, In agriculture input field for last 40 years. Former global CEO of Advanta Seeds. Currently Director General of Federation of seed industry of India. Hyderabad. Telangana.
  • Amir Ullah Khan, educationist, commentator and author,
  • Ch Narendra, journalist
  • Rahul Pandit, …
  • Ganesan Shanmugam, professional in agro-input industry

Uttar Pradesh

  • Rabikant Bharti, I am a hard core liberal. I am contesting loksabha election from Bhadohi loksabha 78. Farmers Freedom is immensely required. Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh
  • Ashok Chowdhury, land rights and tribal rights activist, working among farmers and forest dependent workers, Saharanpur


  • Achla Sawhney, self-employed, and a retired banker. Believes in an egalitarian world, Village Satoli, Nainital dist.

West Bengal

      • Sanjiv Agarwal, Good Governance India Foundation, (www.GGIF.in), West Bengal
      • Kumar Anand, Economist, policy analyst
      • Subbarao Appemane, An agribusiness professional working in seed Industry, coming from farming family background.
      • Paras Berawala, …
      • Satish Borulkar, Advocate, Member of Shetkari Sangatana
      • H Sateesh Hegde, Agribusiness professional with farmers interest at heart. Mumbai.
      • Anil Indulkar, Stewardship education for growers(farmers) on good agricultural practices including market connectivity.
      • Rajesh Jain, technology and political entrepreneur
      • Dr Ajay Shah, economist, policy analyst, blogger
      • Pooja Shah, Fiscal conservative & votary of small government
      • Roma Shah, A proponent of economic liberties and wish to see the reduction of the government’s discretionary powers as well as its considerable flab
      • Amit Varma, blogger, author, podcaster

New Delhi

      • Monce Abraham, Founder and Chairman of THEV Consulting. www.monceabraham.com, New Delhi
      • Vikram Bajaj, entrepreneur
      • Binita Rai Choudhury Basu, banker and social activist
      • Tirthankar Basu, doctorate in agricultural science
      • Amit Chandra, passionately promotes market-based policy solutions with experience in school education, urban livelihoods, and governance
      • Dr Ashok V Desai, economist, lifelong liberal
      • Vivian Fernandes, freelance journalist with a focus on agriculture, New Delhi
      • Nupur Hasija, liberal activist
      • Ravi Shanker Kapoor, journalist and author
      • Jal Khambata, senior journalist
      • Osama Manzar, social entrepreneur, Digital Empowerment Foundation
      • Dr Satish Misra, senior journalist
      • Barun Mitra, commentator on current issues
      • VA Ramesh Nathan, I endorse the Farmers manifesto on behalf of National Dalit Movement for Justice
      • PK Ravindra Nathan, social activist. Actively involved in conducting discussions, seminars on various social issues.
      • Sudhanshu Neema, Constitutional lawyer and economist working as Manager, Advocacy at the Centre for Civil Society.
      • Prof Deepak Pental, I am an academic who taught and carried out research on mustard and cotton breeding at the University of Delhi.
      • Prateek Pillai, concerned citizen
      • Shuboh Roy, lawyer and public policy analyst
      • Raju Sajwan, journalist, Delhi
      • Mohit Satyanand, an entrepreneur and investor, with a deep belief in economic freedom and progress
      • Dr Parth J Shah, founder and President of Centre for Civil Society
      • Dr Gurbachan Singh, Visiting Faculty, Economics and Planning Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre
      • Bindu Warrier, Dwarka, Delhi
      • Avijit Wasi, social activist working for rights of communities at the grassroots
      • Mayur Balakrishna Bagul, social activist, Kisanputra Andolan
      • Yashwant Bhargava, Doctorate in Botany. Experience in establishing Crop Management and Projects with Seed Companies in India and abroad. Pune.
      • Makarand Doijad, Marginal land holding farmer. Petitioner in SC against anti farmers laws in Schedule 9 of the Indian Constitution
      • Mahesh Gajendragadkar, practising lawyer in Pune. Swarna Bharat Party Candidate in Pune Lok Sabha Constituency, General Election 2019
      • Atul Kadam, Agri inputs professional, proponent of technology in life and agriculture
      • Bapu Nalage, farmer
      • Chirag Panjikar, manager in an agricultural equipment manufacturing company
      • Nitin Rathod, activist, Kisanputra Andolan
      • Ameet Singh, Economist, farmer, nomad. Pune – Satara, MH
      • Surinder TikooPlant breeder and breeding lead for last 50 years national & global levels. Passionate about farmer prosperity through science & marketing. Pune.
      • Honish Zaveri, a staunch liberal, supporter of freedom and fully support and endorse the manifesto for farmer’s freedom

Indians Abroad

      • Shruti Rajagopalan, assistant professor of economics at State University of New York, Purchase College, and a Fellow at the Classical Liberal Institute at the New York University School of Law. United States


To lend your support, please endorse the Farmers’ Manifesto for freedom, by sending a request to add your name to this list, along with a brief description of yourself and your location, district and state. Register to Endorse.